Living English Intermediate Full

Jogja Karya Media - LE 1 A

Paket terdiri dari :

  • 20 DVD Original ; dengan tehnologi DVD maka gambar lebih jelas sehingga
    tidak merusak mata dan suara iebih jemih (DIGITAL SURROUND SOUND)
  • Bergaransi resmi 1 Tahun
  • 2 Text book ; berisi materi pelajaran plus terjemahannya
  • 2 Box tempat khusus untuk menyimpan program

Kelebihan Lain :

  • Tanpa harus hadir di kelas
  • Tanpa repot membagi waktu untuk kursus
  • Tidak perlu pusing membawa setumpuk buku
  • Dibawakan oleh para ahli bahasa asing dari Amerika (Native Speaker) yang sudah terkenal
  • Ditampilkan dalam metode yang praktis dan menarik (disertai percakapan langsung dalam
    kehidupan sehari-hari)
  • Dengan tehnologi DVD maka gambar lebih jelas suara jernih (Digitaf Surround Sound)
  • Tepat dan lengkap untuk seiuruh keiuarga
  • Program belajar bahasa teriaris dan sudah dipakai lebih dari 100 negara di dunia.

Jogja Karya Media - LE 1 B


Topik yang dibahas :

  1. Greeting, Introduction, Simple Sentences, Personal Pronouns, This and That,Adjectives
  2. Saying Thank You, Saying Goodbye, The Future Tense , Paying, Formal Titles.
  3. Making An Appointment, Can, Will and ‘ll, The Time, Preposition with Time
  4. Asking Directions, Present Continous Tense, Visiting, Directions
  5. The Nationality, The Age, The Numbers, The Occupation, Other Question About A Person
  6. The Past Tense, Regular Verbs, Spelling Words Ending in Y, Irregular Verbs, Questions in The Past Tense,Questlon using What and Where
  7. Going To, Will, Suggestions, Days, Preposition to ‘firne
  8. Paying, Room, Possesive Pronouns, Relation and Family
  9. Comparing Two Things, LikingiNot Liking, Would Like To
  10. Apologising, Show Concern, Present Perfect, Past Participie, Agreeing & Disagreeing, For, Since, Ago…
  11. Offering Help, Adjectives, Describing People, A Bit,\/ery, A Fairly, Quite
  12. Making Arrangements, Shall, Ordinal Numbers, Dates, At, On and in, Fractions
  13. Telephone Request, Taking Telephone Calls, Telephone Numbers, Making a date, Present Continuous
  14. The & A, A 8| An, ls There…? Are There, Sequence Words
  15. Describing Things, Very, So & Such, One, Some & Any
  16. Ordering Food, Meals, Have & has, Preferences
  17. Talking About What You Do, Getting To Work, How Often, Possessive Apostrophe
  18. Letter Writing, Excuse Me, Sorry & pardon, Going To:’Gunna, Kids & Teenagers
  19. Past Tense, Pronouncing, irregular Verbs, Past Tense With Did 81 Didn’t, Contractions
  20. Advice 8- Sympathy, Saying How You Feel, Hope Not, Adverbs
  21. Catching Buses and Trains, How Questions
  22. Letter Writing, Personal Pronouns, Subject & Object Pronouns, Reflexive Pronouns
  23. Giving Advice and & Making Sugesstions, Have To, Much & Should Have, Would & Wlli
  24. Giving Opinions, Using The Word Too, Superlatives, As Good As
  25. Shopping, Some &Any, How Much & How Many, A Dozen
  26. Chance Encounters, lThought, More Suggestions, Place With AT & IN, Prepositions of Piace
  27. Possibilities, Possibility in The Past, Talking About Materials
  28. Seeing The Doctor, Present Perfect Continuous Tense, Preference
  29. Some Useful Phrases, Next To, Behind & In Front Of, Attributes, Enough
  30. Instructions I Explaining What To Do, Passive Voice, Recipers
  31. Praising A Meal, To & Too, So, Instructions
  32. Reported Speech, Who or That, Complex Sentences, At, As, For 8. In
  33. Directions, Present Perfect Continuous, Present Perfect
  34. Past Continuous, While, Who & When, Using Tenses
  35. Introductions, Asking For Help, I Have Been, Feelings and Emotions, You’d Better
  36. Introductions, Relative Pronouns, Relatives
  37. Past Tenses, Have, Success 81 Failure
  38. Can’t |..’?, Sould Have, Could Have & Ought To, Persuading
  39. How Could You?, Apotogising, I Thought You Would.., Need & What, Partner
  40. What Did..?, Reported Speech, As Soon As Possible, inflection I Stress
  41. Hopes For The Future, if
  42. Announcement, Thank You For…, Future Continuous, Airport Terms, Good Bye

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